MASTER PEACE and Frankfurt, are you ready for another BiH Session?

As we’ve been connecting Spiritual and musically in the Studio for the last few months, things are finally getting in it’s place again.

Talking about places: 5th of May we are performing on the Bevrijdingspop Festival in Haarlem in the Master Peace Tent, it’s free so come and support Brothers In Harmony! Pssst…. we gonna showcase new material from ourselves plus our dear friend Puck Cyson is gonna perform as well with three tracks from his Album.

We will be performing from 20:00 until 22:00 pm…


6th of May we are in Frankfurt, were we are going to do a showcase as well as Brothers In Harmony! So if your in the neighbourghood and free drinks all night sounds too tempting while The Brothers are jammin’ it at the background, mail us and we’ll profide you with tickets to this event (tickets only)…


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