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Brothers in Harmony are two brothers, Carlito and Urvinson. Connected by the Soul of Mother Music. With a passion to rock every crowd, club, event or dance floor having a taste for good music. Brothers in Harmony share their knowledge and music they have been collecting for over more than 25 years of digging in the crates in shops and basements around the globe. Using their collection of over 50,000 pieces of original vinyl, Brothers in Harmony are true players, believers and creators in search of the ultimate grooves and beats for everyone who wants them.

“We play everything with soul that moves us and definitely moves our fans,” says Carlito. “We’ve been developing our sound for more than two decades. It combines a thick layer of underground sound with commercial music to create an atmosphere were everybody who loves music can identify themselves with. It’s a privilege to share this with everyone who feels our music and understands our groove.”

“Because, in the end,” says Urvinson, “it’s all about having a good time, forgetting your troubles and leaving behind your nine-to-five. Bad music will always be there. Our aim is to feed new generations and behold a future of music that you can feel and relate while using our excellent and energetic beat-mixing skills.”

Brothers in Harmony spread the pure sound created by the beholders of the groove and preserve joyful moments for people to remember the vibe. Having fun themselves while keeping a tight focus on creating and elevating an atmosphere by improvising and being in the moment.

To keep on vibing, they often collaborate with lots of musicians. Two musicians have been with Brothers in Harmony since the beginning:

  • Jeff Hollie  – A saxophonist with an list of famous artists and musicians he has played with over the years.
  • Ricky Keys – A piano and keyboard player.

Brothers in Harmony is life in music.